PICTURE: Firefighters Let Scared Little Girl Paint Their Nails

October 18, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Firefighters see so many things on the job. They see more in a day sometimes than the average person will see in the lifetime. They see lives lost, people injured, and children who are afraid in the aftermath of fires and accidents.

That’s what Chief Hadley and Captain Lloyd encountered recently when they were the first responders to arrive on the scene of a crash. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, but a little girl that had been in the collision was screaming her head off and absolutely nothing could calm her down because she was so scared. They noticed that she had an open bottle of fingernail polish with her, so they got an idea. They started asking her questions about her polish. Then, they held their hands out and said, "Do you want to paint our nails and make our nails pretty for us?"

Within minutes, she was calm and concentrating very hard on painting their fingernails purple. She’d all but forgotten what had happened in the car crash. That is what you call going above and beyond the call of duty!

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