Powerful Tools to Experience Freedom from Anxiety

April 30, 2019 | Brenda Price

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Anxiety can be crippling, BUT GOD....


..gives us the power to experience freedom from anxiety.  It may not happen overnight, it may take practice and time, but it is possible!  Here is a list of tools for you from REVELATION PERFECT LOVE COUNSELING AND TEACHING CENTER.  I pray they encourage and empower you!


1.Know that God is in control of your future and your present and your past.

2. Know there is a Reason and a season for where You are right now and God will use it for good.

3. Learn not to agree to the intruders such as bitterness and jealousy. 

4. Learn to celebrate the goodness around You which brings goodness to you! 

5. Every time You think about those who have done wrong to you, choose to forgive again and give it to God. 

6. Begin to reframe your thinking with words of affirmation and promises from God.

7. Know that new doors are headed your way. 

8. Learn to breathe. Breathe out all negativity. 

9. It’s ok to grieve the lost in your life, but Make room for the new in your life. 

10. Be thankful everyday ! And know you are loved and God is good!




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