Responding with Mercy

February 12, 2021 | Star 99.1 Staff

A window salesman showed up at my house six hours early for an appointment scheduled for 2:30 pm. Of course, I wasn’t home. Upon receiving the call from this very perturbed person who was challenged about my absence, I double-checked the email reminder to be sure my appointment was correct, and it was. This salesperson proceeded to call me eight more times. First, he was angry that I wasn’t home, then he found the confirmation email and noticed his mistake, then he wanted to wait until I returned home. Finally, he apologized for the miscommunication and all the voicemails, and asked to reschedule. I wanted to be angry, but first, I put myself in his shoes. Who knows what he had to do to arrive at my home by 8:30 am?! If his home is anything like a typical household, there’s likely a lot happening, especially with remote learning, kids to be fed, setting up computers, dogs to be walked, mom setting up her laptop, and more. The scenarios are endless, and whereas this doesn’t excuse him from filling my voice mail with his frustrations, it does help me fine-tune my response. 

I prayed for him a few times that day, and calmly responded to the company email stating that I did not wish to reschedule. Showing mercy, even compassion, to everyone around me is not always easy. But when I’m tempted to react with negativity, I try to keep myself in check. Jesus died for this man just as much as He died for me. I did not change my mind simply because of this early arrival and call-spree; instead, I chose to re-assess my need. The windows we wanted were pricey even with the current specials. Instead of taking this salesman up on his offer or responding to his messages with negativity, I spent the weekend with some double-sided tape, shrink wrap, and a hairdryer, and winterized my windows; something I should have done last October. I find the more I focus on my reactions as opposed to my actions, the more space God has to work in me. 

It is my prayer for you to also find that needed space, and grace for God to work. 


Beth Bacall
Afternoon Encourager

"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."

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