Sunday is Coming

April 01, 2021 | Kristen James

Sunday Is Coming

You think you have crazy weeks? Think about the emotional roller coaster of a week this was for Jesus. It started out awesome on Palm Sunday, but things started getting shaky really quickly. By Thursday, Jesus is having a great dinner with all His best friends except He knows one of them there is going to betray Him.

Later, He asks His disciples to pray for Him, but they fall asleep. His "frenemy" Judas betrays Him. Peter pretends he doesn't even know Him. Then He gets charged for something He didn't even do! But not only that - He literally gets tortured! Beaten! And nailed to a cross. Where they give Him VINEGAR to drink and spit on Him! It's horrific, honestly.

And I bet your worst week ever wasn't even a fraction of the one Jesus had. He dies there. On the cross. Crying out. For His Dad and for the people that put Him on that cross. For you and for me. In His worst moment, Jesus was thinking of you. That's a sobering thought, isn't it? Saturday is full of grief and mourning. But Sunday... Sunday is where the HOPE is. Sunday is coming. Jesus rises from the grave! He defeats death! He has the victory!

I love what an amazing analogy this is for our lives today too. We have a lot of Fridays like that - where it seems hopeless, where our friends have betrayed us, where it feels like we couldn't be more alone and things couldn't get worse. But God. But God. But GOD has the victory. And Sunday is coming! No matter what you're going through, God will bring you through it. And when you're standing in Sunday, you look back and can clearly see how necessary Friday was. Without Friday, you wouldn't be here. So keep holding on, God has you. He hasn't forsaken you.


Kristen James

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