Teacher Shares How Parents Can Help With Homework

August 10, 2017 | Rick Hall

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Just like their kids, many parents are not fond of homework. And teachers know this. However, this teacher just shared what parents can do to help their students and their teachers regarding homework.

Laurel Elis Niedospial wrote an article to all the parents out there from the perspective of a teacher, essentially saying that most of the time, teachers do not have a say in the required homework policy, especially in the essential subjects such as english and math.

However, she said that many teachers who are a fan of the no-homework policy will tie in homework and classwork to help ease the stress of homework, especially for students who do extracurricular activities, sports, and for students who may be having difficulties outside of school. For example, she would tell students that there was no homework for the week, but since there is an essay due next week, students should probably work on that for the time being.

Since students usually lack time management, this is where parents can come in and help. Laurel encourages parents to email teachers at the beginning of the year so they have a clear grasp of what is going to be expected in this area for the year. She also says that this allows the parents to know just how much emphasis will be placed on homework.

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