Thank You, I Trust You

February 09, 2018 | Kristen James

Spiritual Growth

One of my favorite things to do is look for God’s blessings.

Here’s the absolute truth – God is constantly blessing us. He is continuously and consistently looking for ways to say, “I love you.” And He’s doing it All. The. Time. Sometimes we just get too wrapped up in our own worlds and too focused on the bad things happening in our lives that we miss seeing what God is doing every single day.

So here’s my challenge to you – track your blessings with a thankful heart.

A few years ago, my good friend Donna told me to ask God to show me His favor and then write it down when I see it. (I keep a running list in my phone and a “Blessings” jar on my desk at work) I started asking God and I was amazed at how often He’s orchestrating little and big things in my life to make me smile, joyful, peaceful and even hysterical. God loves you and HE KNOWS YOU. He blesses us in ways that are so specific to only us. And I love it.

Opening my eyes to see God’s blessings in my life really impacted my whole being. I began to focus on all of the positives instead of the negatives, my heart became full of thankfulness from seeing all that God does for me, I became convinced that God really does love me, FOR REAL, and I learned to trust Him. Seeing God be so faithful and good to me in all these little random things made it so much easier to trust Him in the big things, in the struggles, in the storms.

I know you’re going to have the same experience and that so many things are going to change for you too. It’s easy, ask God to show you His favor, pay attention, and write it down. And then let me know what God’s been doing in your life so we can celebrate it together! wink Can’t wait!

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