“The Braves of 9/11”

September 10, 2018 | Brenda Price

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The Braves of 9/11 ! Bravos do 11 de Setembro 2001 #neverforget #fdny 780 Third Avenue

A post shared by Eduardo Kobra (@kobrastreetart) on

Isn't this beautiful!! It is titled the "Braves of 9/11" Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra gifted the city with an eight-story mural dedicated to the emergency workers who responded to the World Trade Center site. The Braves of 9/11 shows a firefighter kneeling with their head bowed, showing both the immediate emotional and physical toll of the attacks — of the 2,977 people killed, 412 were first responders — and the long-term exhaustion of search and rescue. Many emergency workers continue to struggle with medical issues from breathing the toxic air at the site. 780 Third Ave. near 49th Street in Midtown


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