The First Man To Solo Trek Across Antarctica, After Being Told He May Never Walk Again..

January 30, 2019 | Brenda Price


When someone tells you "you may never _____________ again" or "you are not good enough" do what this guy did.. prove them wrong!



Colin O’Brady, 33, was told a decade ago, he may never walk normally again, after an accident severely burned his legs and feet.  He just became the first man to complete a solo trek across Antarctica, with no help at all!! AND he has climbed Mt. Everest!!  

Extreme hikers have trekked across Antartica before,  but with help.. not Colin!  The others have been helped by dog teams and had supplies air dropped, but not Colin! 

Coiln trekked 930-miles in 54 days, pulling a  load of gear— 375-pounds—personally

We have been trying to keep warm for a day or two of a Polar Vortex with windchill temps near the negative teens.  Well, Colin spent days in  -80 degrees below zero! 

Colin is an inspiration to work hard and never give up!

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