VIDEO: 13-Year-Old Boy Buys Car for Mother

April 03, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

Krystal is a single mom, she has three children, and it’s extremely difficult for her to be able to make ends meet, to be able to provide for them and make sure they have everything they need. Recently, she was having an even more difficult time than usual, and then she found herself in the position of needing a new car. Krystal thought, "I can barely keep food on the table. How am I going to get a new car?"

Little did she know that her oldest son, 13-year-old William, had a plan. He found a woman selling a 1999 Chevy Metro on Facebook, and he reached out to her and asked if she would consider letting him trade his Xbox and then working some odd jobs to raise some cash to help offset the rest of the cost. At first, she said no. But the more she thought about it, the more she realized she had a chance to help out a family in need. So she told William yes. He took her his Xbox, then started mowing lawns and cleaning yards, and doing anything he could do to make cash.

One day, William came home and told his mom that he’d purchased her a car. Krystal thought it was a joke until he said, “No, the woman selling it is outside and she’s going to take us to the car.” They went to the seller’s house where she handed Krystal all the paperwork and the keys, and the car started right up for them.

Krystal was just beside herself. She said, “What 13-year-old do you know who buys their mom a car? I don’t know any. There are no words that can express my gratitude and how proud I am.”


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