VIDEO: A Wrong Number Leads to a Beautiful Friendship

August 03, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

Who’d have thought that a misdialed number could lead to this!

A few months ago, Irene, who is 102 years old, accidentally dialed a “7” instead of an “8” while trying to call someone she knew, and she ended up getting in touch with another elderly woman named Rosa. Rather than just going, “Oh, you have the wrong number,” Rosa talked to Irene. For an hour and a half! 

The misdialed number kicked off a friendship They started talking to each other all the time, and finally, they decided they would meet. Rosa convinced her daughters to drive from Florida, pick her up in Tennessee, and take her to Irene’s nursing home in Granite City, Illinois. They were so excited to meet that they just started crying when they first saw each other. 

Check out the story of their friendship below!

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