VIDEO: Bus Driver Goes Above and Beyond for Homeless Man

November 26, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

You think about the jobs that we do, the work that we do, and chances are at some point in your career, God has put you in the position to be able to help someone else through your job.

It’s no different for Natalie. She’s a bus driver in Milwaukee, and she did something pretty special for a man named Richard recently. He’s ridden her bus before, she she’s familiar with him. They got into a conversation on his most recent ride, which is when he shared with her that the house he’d been living in was condemned and he’d been sleeping on the streets. Natalie told him to stay on the bus through the rest of her shift so that he could stay warm. Then at one of her layover stops, she got him something hot to eat so he’d have a good meal.

When her break came up, Natalie reached out to Community Advocates to see if they could offer Richard some assistance, and she was able to get him into temporary shelter. Plus, they’re working to find something permanent for him.

The bus service she works for, MCTS, praised her publicly for what she did and said this is actually very like her. She’s done it numerous times before. In fact, one of the things she’s known for is she  often brings a bunch of PB&J sandwiches for passengers who might need something to eat. She’s always thinking of others.

When Natalie was asked about the whole incident with Richard, she simply said, “At some point in our lives, everybody needs help. I wanted to do what I could to help Richard in some way.”

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