VIDEO: Church Gives Money to Congregation So They Can Bless Others

November 27, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

We’re in a time of the year where people spend a lot of money. There’s a men’s group at a Baptist church in Georgia, and they decided they wanted to find a way to use money to not only bless others, but to bring their congregation back to the heart of Christmas. So they handed out envelopes, each with anywhere from $100 to $1000 in it, and there was one simple instruction alongside the cash: take it home and open it with your family and talk about the ways you can bless someone.

Their church members had a blast using that cash to bring joy to others. One family bought a bunch of blankets and gloves and fast food gift cards to give out to homeless people they encountered, a couple of families combined the cash they were given to help pay for the medical bills of someone in the church going through chemo. Another woman happened to see someone at the store with the fullest cart she’d ever seen. When she said, “You must be feeding an army,” the lady told her that she was feeding the homeless and some veterans, and so the woman gave her the money she’d received from the church as well as offered to help cook and serve the food. It just snowballed, as people found unique ways to bless others in their community.

The men’s group behind it said they had been individually blessed, and they wanted to lead their church in a project that would allow them to bless many other people.

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