VIDEO: Doomsday Prepper Sends Supplies to Puerto Rico

October 12, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Joseph Badame has been a doomsday prepper for decades, now. He’s spent forty years collecting survival supplies and non-perishable food items for his bomb shelter. Then, Joseph’s wife died in 2013 and his financial situation grew worse and worse. Last month, the bank foreclosed on his home and he was brokenhearted that all of this hard work that he put into the shelter was going to be for nothing.

That's when he met Victoria. She was doing the catering for the estate sale of the home and when she talked to Joseph, she told him that all of the sales from her food truck were going to help her family in Puerto Rico. When Joseph heard that, he knew immediately that his work had not been in vain, and he offered to donate all of the food he’d been collecting to her family.

Not only was he able to provide that assistance for her, the connection they made turned into friendship, and now, Joseph lives in an RV in Victoria and her husband’s backyard. He says it’s the start of a new era in his life.

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