VIDEO: Entire School Celebrates Custodian’s Birthday

April 15, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

So often in a school setting, there are people outside the classroom that really impact your life. Maybe it’s a bus driver or a school crossing guard or one of the cafeteria workers.

For an elementary in Georgia, it’s Haze, the 80-year-old school custodian. He’s worked at the school for thirteen years, now, and he absolutely loves the kids that attend each day. He says they’re like children of his own.

Last month, Haze went to school, anticipating a regular day of cleaning up like he always does. But when he entered the school, the kids were all lining the halls, chanting his name as he walked in. It was his birthday, and they had cards for him, they sang happy birthday, and they had banners they’d made and put up. He got so many cards as he walked through the halls that they had to get a bucket to hold them all. Haze said he was a little overwhelmed by the attention, but in a good way, and he paused to hug as many kids as he could. He just felt so loved in that moment.

The school posted a video of the celebration, writing, “It may be his birthday, but we are the ones who receive a gift - the gift of having him in our school, lives and hearts. This is the good stuff! Mr. Haze, you sir are loved, admired and adored here at PCES!”

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