VIDEO: Family Dog Pulls Baby to Safety During House Fire

March 25, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

Pit bulls are one of those breeds of dogs that are rather controversial. A lot of people are really scared of them, but those who have them say they’re very misunderstood, that they make amazing pets.

Latana has not only a pit bull, Sasha, but a seven month old daughter named Masailah. The two of them have been best buds since they were born. They’re around the same age and the little girl has grown up with Sasha. They’re inseparable.

Last summer, Sasha woke Latana up. She was at the back door, barking frantically. Latana had no clue what was going on, but she knew that something was wrong. As it turns out, the neighbor’s house had caught fire, and it had spread to their house. Terrified, trying to wake up and get her thoughts organized, Latana went, "Oh no, Masailah!" But Sasha already had the little girl. She sank her teeth into Masailah’s diaper and began dragging her out of the house to safety.

Had it not been for the dog’s quick thinking, that little baby girl could have been seriously hurt. But thankfully, nobody was hurt, and everyone was safe from the flames.    

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