VIDEO: Former NICU Patient Performs for Preemies

March 22, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

There are times we go through stuff in life and it enables us to help make a difference in someone else’s life once we’re on the other side of things. That’s what Isabella is doing. For the first three months of her life, she was in the NICU, because she’d been born 16 weeks early. While she was fighting for her life, Dr. Jeffrey Perlman told her mom that preemies seem to really find classical music to be soothing, so her mom would play it for Isabella while she was in the incubator.

Isabella is now twelve, and she plays the guitar, piano and drums, and really feels like that early exposure to that music is what sparked her interest in classical music. Last summer, she really wanted to meet Dr. Perlman to thank him for that musical suggestion, and while they had lunch together, he said he’d love to have her come back and play for the babies that were currently in the NICU. Isabella jumped at the chance to do that, and she took her guitar in and played five songs for the babies. And it wasn’t just the babies that enjoyed the impromptu concert. Nurses and doctors, a lot of whom cared for her when she was a baby, came in to hear her play.

Isabella said, “I was in their position once. It feels good to give back and help them.

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