VIDEO: Former Stray Dog Rocking New Job at Airport

January 11, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

Meet Skipper! He’s an 8-year-old beagle mix who, up until recently, was living on the streets of Michigan. When he was captured and went to the rescue, they noticed that Skipper really loved when he had a job to do, so they thought that he might do well as a sniffer dog at the airport.

They were right! He breezed through training and now works at the San Francisco International Airport. And Skipper not only does his job well, he’s one of the best. He sniffs the produce that’s coming through customs to make sure that no dangerous pests are being brought into the United States, and just before Thanksgiving, Skipper found a problematic banana. That marked his 20,000th seizure. The previous record was held by another dog who seized 14,000 pieces of produce. 

Check out video of Skipper in action below!

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