VIDEO: Garbage Man Saves Elderly Woman from Camp Fire

November 16, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

The Camp fire has displaced so many people, and there were a lot of people fleeing the area. Dane is a trash collector for that area, and even though his boss told him to get out of there, he couldn’t bring himself to do it because of all of the elderly people that he’s met over the years doing his job. He was thinking, "What do they do? How do they get out?"

Dane started driving his truck through the blaze, and that’s when he saw it - a 93-year-old woman stranded on her porhc. Her name is Margaret, and she’d recently broken her back. She had no family nearby to help her, and she wasn’t able to save herself because she was so frail. All she could do was stand there and pray for a miracle.

God sent that miracle.

Dane drove up to her house and broke company protocol, loading her into his truck with the help of some nearby people. While they drove to safety, Margaret shared some of her life - overcoming cancer three times, hang gliding at the age of 70, witnessing the attack on Pearl Harbor, and singing backup for the Rat Pack.

Dane was able to get this incredible woman to safety, and fortunately, her house was spared in the fire. It was an answered prayer in more ways than one.

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