VIDEO: Injured Duck Gets Brand New 3-D Foot

January 09, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Peg is an 8-month old duck who was found by Patsy Smith, who raises ducks, when he had just hatched on the bank of a pond. Unfortunately, before she found him, a turtle had apparently gotten to him, and he was missing a foot.

As Peg started to get older, that foot really began to bother him, so Patsy started to reach out to different rescue groups, trying to figure out something to help him.

That’s when the Armorel EAST Lab heard about Peg’s predicament, and three students decided they were going to print him a 3-D prosthetic foot. Apparently, it was more complicated than they initially thought it was going to be. It took them 30 tries before they finally printed up a foot that fit Peg properly.

Now, Peg is up and walking and running around like a normal duck! The new prosthetic is a perfect fit! Check out the video here!

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