VIDEO: Man Rigs Device on the Fly to Save Drowning Kittens

May 15, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Duncan Bridges is being hailed a hero after he Macgyvered it to save a couple of kittens from some rising flood waters. He and his stepdaughter had just arrived at their farmhouse last Thursday morning when they heard these desperate little meows coming from inside their walls. Duncan pried a couple of boards off the wall and looked inside, and sure enough, there were two tiny kittens stuck on the ground between the walls, struggling to keep their heads above the four to five inches of water that had collected in the space.

He wasn’t sure how to get to them at first, but then, decided to create this makeshift bucket out of half of a water gallon attached to a string. That didn’t work. So, then he tried sticking a broom handle into a plastic baby wipes box, and with that, he was able to scoop the kittens up and get them to safety. They were able to be taken to the SPCA, then, to get the treatment they needed to get them on their way back to health.

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