VIDEO: Officer Released from Hospital to Walk Son to Kindergarten

August 26, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

Walking your child up to the doors of the school on their first day is a big deal for a lot of parents. Especially if they’re going to school for the first time. You hold their hand and you go up the walkway together and you smile and tell them they’re going to do great and hug them and try to blink back the tears as they disappear into the doorway.

For Officer Andy Mattaline, he’d really been looking forward to walking his five-year-old son up to school on his first day of kindergarten. The first day of school is especially intimidating for Carmine because he’s autistic. He and his dad have a special bond, and so he needed that support system on the first day of school. The problem was that Officer Mattaline has been in the hospital, battling esophageal and stomach cancers, and he thought he wasn’t going to be able to take Carmine to class. But the hospital said he could leave for a few hours, if he promised to stay in his wheelchair and take it easy. He jumped at the chance to be there for his son, and they had a huge surprise waiting for them when they pulled up to the school. Twenty other officers from ten different departments were there. They’d all signed up to accompany Carmine in case Officer Mattaline wasn’t able to be there, and when they found out he was coming, they thought he might appreciate the support. Which he did. 

For the big moment, Carmine had his mom on one side, his dad in his wheelchair behind him, and then all of the other officers, even a K-9 officer, trailing behind. Carmine’s exact words about his experience? "This is awesome!" Check out the video below!

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