VIDEO: Perfect Stranger Reunites Sick Boy with His Dog

January 11, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

Pets are so special to us. They’re part of our family. They cheer us up when we’re down, those wagging tails and happy faces when you walk in the door are the best.

Perryn is eight years old and he has a dog named Frank, who he loves so much. For Christmas, though, the dog wasn’t with the Millers when they went out of state to visit family. While they were away, Perryn started having really severe headaches, and he ended up at the ER. That’s when his parents were told that he was in stage four of a rare and aggressive brain cancer, and he had to have surgery immediately to remove the tumor. Which is what they did the next day.

Obviously, this kind of messed up the family’s plans to go back home after the holidays because Perryn is facing months of chemo and radiation, and they’re trying to work out where and when that will happen. He was interviewed by a local TV station and happened to mention how much he was missing Frank. And the video clip of the interview started circulating online, being shared over and over, which is when a trucker named Bob saw it. He was so moved by Perryn’s story that he volunteered to drive the dog all the way from North Carolina to Utah, where Perryn was being treated. It was 2300 miles to get the dog, then get him to Utah, and he made the trip in just under 52 hours.

The family was so grateful. They said they have such a long road ahead of them, but they know that having Frank nearby will really speed up the healing process for Perryn.

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