VIDEO: Tourist Gives Ugandan Woman Her First Pair of Shoes

July 01, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

There are so many aspects of our day to day lives that we take for granted. It’s something we’ve always had, something we’ve never done without, something we throw away, we replace, we buy more of without even thinking about it. Your shoes, for example. Think about how many pair of shoes you have in your closet right now. It’s very hard to think that there are people in our communities who don’t have shoes that fit, or don’t have shoes at all. There are impoverished countries where people go their whole lives without ever having a pair of shoes.

A woman named Laura was in Uganda last month, driving through Bwindi National park when she saw a villager - a woman, and she noticed that this woman didn’t have any shoes on her feet. She stopped to talk to her and ask her about it and learned that this woman had never had a pair of shoes to call her own. Laura immediately removed her own shoes and gave them to the woman. The whole thing was filmed as Laura’s driver helped show the woman how to put the shoes on and tie them. When they turned out to be a perfect fit, this lady just burst into a spontaneous dance of joy right there on the spot. She was so happy with what was really a simple thing for Laura to give up. But it meant so much to her.

It just goes to show that sometimes the smallest kind gestures can mean the most to someone. 

Check out the video here!

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