VIDEO: Veteran Meets Two Good Samaritan Kids Who Returned Lost Wallet

January 14, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

Marc is a disabled veteran and his wallet fell out of his pocket at the grocery store recently. There were hundreds of dollars worth of cash, his credit cards, his ID, and he was panicked, thinking all of that was gone for good. But a day later, his roommate called Marc to tell him that the store’s security footage showed two kids returning his wallet, and everything was still inside of it. He was so relieved to get that news that he actually had to pull off of the road he was driving on because he was crying happy tears.

Marc’s mission at that point became to find the two kids so he could thank them personally for what they did. The two girls that found the wallet are fourteen years old, they’re sisters, and when the local TV station arranged for them to meet Marc, they told him that they saw his military ID, thought of their veteran grandfather, and they said they hoped if he lost his wallet someone would be respectful and return it, too. So, that’s what they did.

As a thank you, Marc gave each of them $100 reward, which while they were very thankful for, they said the biggest reward was knowing that Marc had his stuff back.

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