VIDEO: Woman Pays for Man’s Groceries, Gets Sweetest Thank You Note

January 14, 2019 | Mysti Jordan

Feels Good

There are things we can do to make a positive impact on people in our day to day lives - whether it’s holding the door for someone, smiling at the people you pass, thanking an officer or an emergency responder when you see them out and about, grabbing the coffee of the person behind you, etc. There are so many ways to live love.

For Sonya, she stepped in to help an elderly man pay for his groceries when he forgot his wallet. She was behind him in line and she saw the guy panicking when he realized he didn’t have money with him. Sonya said, “You don’t have much. Put it with mine and let me take care of it. Not a big deal.” Before he left the store, he thanked her and insisted on getting Sonya’s information so the he could pay her back.

About a week later, she got a letter in the mail that said, “You saved me a lot of trouble. My wife was ill and I wanted to get back to her. I’m not very young anymore - 84 year old and it’s not a surprise I left my wallet at home. I shall always remember your kindness.” There was also a check to cover what Sonya had paid for his groceries. She says she’s not going to cash it, though.

According to Sonya, “I have something that I look at every morning when I leave my room. It says, ‘be the reason that someone smiles today.’ So I see that when I leave my house. That was what I could do to make him smile that day.”

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