What Can You Find On The Side Of The Road

February 08, 2018 | David A. Dein

Family Life

I’m an amateur urban explorer.  I love finding interesing things on the side of the road.  Strange art, unique statues, memorials to forgotten people, places, and events.  I love religious shrines, statues, and old graveyards and when my family and I are on a road trip or just going from place to place It’s not uncommon to pull off to the side of the road to discover some new roadside treasure.

Here's a tooth brush bike rack I found in Berkly Heights.

Were you aware of the fact that World War I didn't really end on the battlefields of France but in a Burger King Parking Lot in Somerville?

New Jersey is full of tributes to the First Responders we lost on 9/11.  These memorials are all over the place and each one is unique. One of the most beautiful, poignant and off the beaten path is this one that sits in front of the Liberty Corner Fire Station.  

I’ll post more of these roadside finds as I come across them.  If you’ve got a picture or two you’d like to share email them to me david@star991.com and who knows maybe you’ll find them here on the blog.

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