When Life Throws Change Your Way..

August 06, 2018 | Brenda Price

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Change happens, life happens.. so how can you get through?


Wether you lost job, a relationship, a home, or a friend, life can make you go through a transition.  You could be experiencing death in the family or a divorce, there are so many things that can bring change to our lives.  It is so important how we handle the transition because it could help us or hurt us. I found this great article on how to handle transiton smoothly on


Here are ten ways to gracefully make it through a transition:


1. Take long walks alone and talk to the Lord a great deal.


2. Read the Psalms. In fact, live in them.


3. Be busy doing good things.


4. Get out of the house.


5. Start a journal.


6. Keep up a few close friendships.


7. Stay in church.


8. Eat healthy.


9. Be specific in your prayer life.


10. Laugh some every day.

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