; New York City, New York, USA - December 13, 2013: New York City street scene during Christmas holiday season with Salvation Army volunteer, shopper and other people in view.

Woman Makes Unusual But Huge Donation to Salvation Army

December 06, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

You see those festive red Salvation Army kettles out at stores this time of year. A woman in Boston wanted to donate something to the cause, but she was worried that it was too big to go into the kettle opening.

Drew Foster, who is the spokesperson for the Massachusetts office, met this woman in person and discovered that she wanted to donate a fish-shaped brooch - which seems kind of odd, until you find out that it’s worth nearly $5000. A friend had given it to her and had since passed away, so she wanted to donate it in his honor. It’s gold and has 32 diamonds in it.

The Salvation Army was overwhelmed by the gift, and the woman was so pleased to think that her donation is going to be able to provide for families in need in her community.

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