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Yes, This is a Story About a Chair

August 10, 2018 | Kristen James

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God's Favor is Amazing. 

My fiance, Mike, and I have been going into every furniture store we pass by to find out what we like for our place after the wedding in November! So far, we've discovered that we have completely opposite style preferences. It's been fun. 

Last week, we stopped in a Raymour and Flanigan Outlet and I saw it ---- the chair of my dreams! We've been in so many furniture stores and nothing has struck me like this chair. I know, it's silly, but stay with me. Mike really wanted a recliner and the couches that came with this chair did not recline. So we decided when the time comes to furnish our home, we would get the chair and a different couch!

Last night, we passed another Raymour and Flanigan retail store and decided to pop in! We found awesome couches that match the chair of my dreams but recline just like Mike wanted! Compromise people! We're learning! So the sales associate starts building our package and entering all our info. We tell him we MUST have the chair from the outlet store! Must! So he goes to add the chair (of my dreams) and chaos ensues!

MY CHAIR IS DISCONTINUED! There are no more chairs online! IT'S NOT AVAILABLE!! 

I'm heartbroken. But God loves me. He loves you too. And He proves it in the silliest ways, ways we would never expect him to! Our awesome sales guy, Geo, looks to see if there are any floor samples available - there are only 4 in New Jersey left! He immediately starts making calls and gets the chair of my dreams for me! 

And bonus blessing - it's a floor sample! It was already discounted because it was at the outlet store, but because it's a floor sample it was AN EXTRA 30% OFF!

Yes, this is a story about a chair, but it's really a story about God's favor and provision!

He loves us so much that He cares about the little things that are important to us! The same way you are so happy when your child is so excited about something you did for them, is the same way God feels when He gets to give us something so special! We had no reason to be in that store, we just drove past and felt like stopping in (God)! We had no intention of buying anything that night but Geo told us he would lock the prices in and we didn't have to buy anything if we just set up our profile (God)! The chair was HEAVILY discounted because we could ONLY get the floor sample when we went in (God). And it's the chair of my dreams and my heart has been so overwhelmed that my Father wants to bless me with it. 

God cares about the little things, He's faithful and He loves to make His kids happy. Trust Him. If He's faithful in something silly, like a chair, of course He's faithful in the big things. 

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