Star 99.1 & Fellowship Home Loans are making Christmas Wishes come true! 

The Morning Show is granting Christmas Wishes every weekday at 8-9am between 12/4 - 12/20. 

Wish #1: Alisa's sister, Sabrina is a single mother of 5 kids who tirelessly works 7 days a week to provide for her family. Alisa would like to bless Sabrina with a shopping spree!

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Wish #2: Patricia's sister, Kathy is a teacher who constantly goes the extra mile for her "kiddos" as she lovingly calls her students. Her current laptop is 20+ years old so she spends hours at the library everyday preparing lessons. Patricia would like to bless her with a new laptop!

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Wish #3: Courtney's mom, Geri selflessly takes care of everyone before herself. Her happy place is the grocery store; no matter what is going on, she always puts a hot meal on the table for her family. Courtney would like to bless her with a month's supply of groceries! 

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Wish #4: Carla's daughter, Britni has strived to provide a safe and comfortable home for her kids. With finances tight this year, Britni isn't sure how she's going to put gifts under the tree. Carla would like to bless Britni with Christmas gifts for her children. 

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We'd like to thank Mike & Brian from Fellowship Home Loans for contributing the financial resources to make these wishes come true!

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