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"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

The family that prays together, stays together! As Christians, we are part of the family of God! We want to pray with each other, for each other. Please post your prayer requests here and know that you are being prayed for.

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Prayer Requests

Please pray for my husband Charles. He is a non-believer, and also an alcoholic with crippling mental and emotional issues that are the root cause of his drinking. He is working to overcome his issues and the drinking, but without God's help as he does not believe He even exists. I humbly ask and beseech all who read this prayer request that you pray for my husband Charles' soul, that he be saved through our Lord Jesus Christ, and be truly transformed on his road to recovery. God bless you and thank you for your prayers.

May God Bless yous all My name is Eloina Ortiz I have request prayers before for my children and family. Now is for myself. I recently went to a Neuro Ophtalmology and I had some tests done and the doctor told me that I have glaucoma on my right eye. I know the devil is a liar and I made an appointment for a second opinion on Dec. 10 with another doctor. I know that Jesus is going to heal me of that disease. I want you to please pray for me, I am a believer and have faith that He is going to heal me. I need Prayer for myself, thank you so much, may God Bless you all. On the day of my appointment the doctor is not going to find anything in the name of Jesus! No Glaucoma Amen! I want to tell everyone the testimony that I am healed! Amen. could you read this on the Star 99.1 Radio Station and please pray for me. Thank you so much and many Blessings.

Please pray for me and my children! I have just been evicted from my home my daughter is staying temporarily with a family member and I’m on the couch at a friends house. I’m a single mom and I have 3 wonderful children! I may not have any money in the bank but God has blessed me with my 3 kids. I need the strength and the guidance to find a way to be able to provide a safe place for my children! Just lost my house of 20 years they put me out into the streets! I’m so afraid and scared I have to be strong for my kids and need a place to stay ! I’m trying to get assistance but no one seems to understand! Oh because you are staying with a friend that’s fine! Stay there I said it’s only temporary but they don’t hear me ! I work FT but it’s not enough for 2 children and myself! I’m grateful to be alive and don’t need any monetary things! I need help getting an apartment I lost all of my valuables when the bank foreclosures on my home ! I just need a little help to guide me to the right resources so I can get a small apartment so my daughter and son have a safe place to sleep with there mom (me) ! Please pray I can find the help and right people to guide me through these rough patches in the road of life! Jesus and God have always answered my prayers but I cannot feel a little hopeless at this time! I see everyone smiling and it Christmas Season and I feel alone and afraid ! I’m divorced and I have no support in fact my ex husband has been taking children support illegally for pass 2 years now ! Please pray for me so I have the will the strength and help from the proper people to be able to live a simple life again independently ! Please pray for me ! I need Jesus’s wisdom to carry on! Thank you and I hope that all of you at Star 99.1 have a blessed Christmas and that the world and the wonderful people in it come forth and guide me thru this difficult time! Kim F

Please pray for my grandson to have a healing on his body. For my husband to come back to Jesus. Please pray for my son to stop smoking pot. Lastly for me to get a new job paying more. I cant afford to keep paying rent it is becoming hard. I have looked for another place. To no avail.

Praying for forgiveness, healing, restoration and reconciliation of the Jones Family this holiday season. Praying for our family to be centered in the Peace and comfort of God and may we embrace one another with love and compassion. The devil is a liar. Praying All strongholds of unforgiveness and evil are broken in our family. God is Love! God is Able!

Thank you for my Blessings. And I ask tonight for continued healing for my family.

I want to send out prayers to my boyfriend and his family because they deserve all the great blessings & happiness that comes there way. I want God to lift them up & tell them that everything is going to be a okay. I pray that they feel His love and know that no matter what happens God is always with them.

Please pray for peace for me and my family.

Dear God please make sure everything is ok with my car to drive to work tomorrow and I prayer that it can be fixed quickly!

Dear God I am praying today because I really want to start a family with husband but I’m afraid he never wants please let this happen and have us start trying to have a baby...this is the only other thing in life that I really want so please God let this happen!

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