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"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

The family that prays together, stays together! As Christians, we are part of the family of God! We want to pray with each other, for each other. Please post your prayer requests here and know that you are being prayed for.

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Prayer Requests

My name is Eloina. Right now I'm in the hospital with pain on my left side, lower abdomen. Need prayers for healing. I'm a new born Christian. I believe he's my savior, my healer, my Doctor, and I know and believe he's going to heal me, in the name of Jesus. I will be out of this hospital today. Amen. Glory to God. May God Bless you all and thank you. [12-11-17]

I have been under the devil bandage for a long time. Every time I get a job, the contract ends after few months or I get fired after few months. This cycle has gone on for a very long time. Please pray for me to be freed from this bondage. I have prayed and fasted but this cycle does not end. [12-9-17]

Please pray for healing for my wife, Connie, who has been suffering for ten years due to Lyme disease and being over medicated/ She has just recently lost vision in one eye, and we both have a mouthful of broken teeth. We recently moved from NJ to NY but we are far from family and friends. Please pray that our children and their families and our friends will come to help. We need them in our lives. Please pray for our finances. We only have S.S. to live on. And, help for our vehicles, they are just limping along. Thank you! Heavenly Father, Connie and I thank you for all the times you have forgiven us when we have messed up. We thank YOU for joining us together and for making us one for You. We thank You for the special love that You have given us to share. May our love for you grow and grow and through Your Love may our love for one another blossom and bloom and spread Your Love through all our families and friends and all those you send us. Father, please walk with us, help and guide us and lift us up, always. Father we thank You for all the help that you send our way. Thank you. [12-9-17]

I need prayer for freedom from mental illness. I have a hard time with anxiety which makes it hard to focus. I also need prayer for a financial miracle as well as a good stable income. This year has been pretty hard and I really need God, all of God. Please pray God draws me close and that I continue to walk with him, being free. Also, I live with a friend and really don't care for her boyfriend. I been praying God gives me things to do, or other people to hang with, so I won't be home as much. Spiritually, my friend's boyfriend doesn't sit right with me. I know it's a lot but prayer would really help. I truly appreciate it. [12-8-17]

Dear Prayer Team, Please continue to pray for my daughter Hope. She gave birth to a little girl on 11-26-2017. Four days later Aziza had a brain bleed and respiratory distress. Aziza Luce is 12 days old and has had two brain surgeries. She has opened her eyes by the grace of God two days ago! She needs healing for the ventricles in the brain to function on their own. She also had the intubation tube removed by the grace of God!!! but is still needing oxygen. We will find out how the brain is functioning in 5 to 6 days. Please pray for the neurosurgeon and nurses to have wisdom but give God The Glory for the miracle! I am praying for a miracle to be upon my granddaughter for The Glory of God! Please pray for my daughter as she is not believing in The Lord. Please pray for her to recover from child birth and heal properly. They found a benign tumor in the placenta and checked Hope. Thanks be to God, no tumor was found in Hope! Please pray for her to continue to pump her milk and once again to nurse this little warrior. Aziza is being feeding in her nose and has a tube in her brain to drain. Each day my daughter has to leave without her child. I pray God help Hope to put her hope in Jesus Christ and never doubt Him whether her daughter is healed or brought to to arms of Jesus. I can only trust The Lord to have His Way and heal and restore as He is The Great Physician and cares for our whole being! In His Great Promises, Diane Botticelli

Lord, I pray to you, I worship your every word and give thanks! I pray that more prosperous opportunities come through my husband's jobs! A lot of financial stress in our house! I pray you guide my son who has worked very hard in college, that he may find a job with his degree! I talk to your Lord. I love you so much and I know you listen. These past couple years have been a struggle for me. Only you know how hard this severe concussion has affected me! Lord, I pray that I am compensated fairly in February for what I have had to go through! Thank you, Lord, for all your goodness! How blessed are we to feel your love and grace. Carole. [12-8-17]

My name is Lisa and I am awaiting eviction from my home that I share with my children. I fell behind in my rent when I lost my job. I have tried with difficulty to catch up since I have been back to work. I need a financial blessing to keep a roof over our heads. [12-8-17]

My name is Robyn. Please pray for me. Besides having a lot of serious health issues right now, I am feeling very depressed. I moved to Flemington to a new place, and I only have a broken donated couch and 2 twin beds. I also have no special man in my life again. No tree, no decorations, no table and chairs or dressers. I have no friends really either, and my kids are all over 18. I hate it. I looked for free furniture to try and cheer me up but I have no truck. [12-7-17]

Praying for a breakthrough. I have derailed from the path of the Lord. I need to be upright again. Please pray. [12-7-17]

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors, giving praise, honor and glory to our Heavenly Father. Our God is an awesome God! Please pray with us. Michael Jr.(going through a mental crisis and in need of shelter), LaVounta, Michael Sr. (healing from pain), Kevin (on life support), Bettye (liver and kidney), and Ella (in need of a financially blessing). God bless you all. Thank you, Lord Jesus. [12-7-17]

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