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"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

The family that prays together, stays together! As Christians, we are part of the family of God! We want to pray with each other, for each other. Please post your prayer requests here and know that you are being prayed for.

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Prayer Requests

Please pray for my home and work situations and also for an interview that I have on Thursday. I really would like to have this job and am praying that God would open the door, even that day with an offer. My prayer has been that God would show me a future and a hope. Praying this is part of. Please pray for me for grace and favor, mercy and wisdom. Thank you and God bless you!

For my father who has colitis and pinched nerve. Also strained relationship w his daughter. Financial mess. Unhealthy view of God. Life .

Pray for my son as he is having anxiety attacks and struggling with this and more. Please pray for him to get treatment and feel better. He missing his father who passed away.

Please pray for my family we have been looking for a home and we seen house for rent. Please let this be the house for us.

Please pray for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr School in Trenton, NJ. I ask that the Lord gives the students peace and empathy for others. Please give the staff patience and strength. May we all come together as one and try to see God's Love in all of us. Lord , I ask you to watch over us and keep us safe . May we all have a relaxing and safe summer with our family and friends. God Bless MLK !

Please pray for me. I’m confused. My husband and I are in the middle of a divorce, actually waiting for a court date. He got an apartment for a much younger woman, 6 years younger than our daughter(he says he is just helping her out). Back in October he told a friend that he doesn’t want to be married any more (we have been married since 7/82). Before filing for the divorce (I had started talking to lawyers in October) he had a stroke (12/3/18(actually on the day he signed the lease for the apartment for the woman) which has left him with limited mobility/movement on the right side. I found the lease papers after the stroke while going through papers of his. He said he still wanted the divorce and so we filed right before the year ended, or I did since he is now in rehab for an undetermined time (he had the stroke 12/3/18 and still in rehab). We have no insurance so they are working on Medicaid for him. We own a house and have two adult children. He feels we have to go through the divorce, give me the house, so that Medicaid/state doesn’t take half. I live in the house with my children, who are helping me pay the bills. After he signed the settlement papers he said he would like to date me when this is all through. One of the reasons why I’m confused. I understand the reasoning of getting the divorce so that i can keep the house, but I took a vow for better or for worse. He has not confessed any wrong doing with this other woman or why she means/meant so much to him. Right now I don’t think he has contact with her, though he tried, he last saw her in February, that I know of(her choice), but still has the apartment in his name which she is paying the rent. He won’t contact the apartment complex to notify them that he hasn’t been anyway near that apartment since signing the lease (his name and hers are on the lease as the only occupants). I still love/care for him but the financial issues for his care are complex. I received an inheritance when my mom died (not much but enough to complicate things). Medicaid would have me spend most of it, if we stay together. This money was a new start for me and my family. Oh by the way he stopped financially supporting me and house back in 2017 for the most part. He only gave enough to pay his bills and a little extra, so I have been living off of my inheritance, part-time job and my kids since May 2018. Thank God for my kids, they have been a big help. Starting about January 2018 my husband started spending less time with the family and more time with this woman and her friends, until about May 2018, he would just come home to sleep and change, and if he was home very little contact with us and he would be texting all the time to her. I was in the process of taking care of my mom’s affairs on Long Island(she passed 2/18), so I didn’t realized how bad things had gotten until July/August ( I didn’t even know about his “friendship” with her until May, when he had to appear at court to get his money that he put out on a bond for her.). $500.00, when he wasn’t even giving me money for the house(we were six months behind in the mortgage). As I’m writing this, I’m Thinking what a dope. Why am i confused, but I am. I have grounds both biblically and legally ( I am told by my pastor and friends). I have/had taken my vows seriously, and I feel I am letting God down. He calls me all the time from the rehab and wants me around. He has yet to admit any wrong doing. He has given me POA to all his personal things and says he will for medical. Please pray that I am doing right with the divorce and that God will comfort me, and that I stop being confused. Also pray that my husband returns to God(he gave his heart to God back in the 90’s), and that my kids stop being bitter toward their father and work on some kind of communication/relationship with him. I will still be in contact with my husband since I am POA for him. Oh he hasn’t had any contact with the kids in months and very little before the stroke since all this has been going on, they feel he threw us to the street. I appreciate all the prayers I can get. Just got a court date July 2, at 8:30

Please pray for me, I am 34yrs old, married, mommy of two small kids. I was extremely close to my dad (ps: I’m adopted) I lost him last year, and suffered a huge trauma with it. And ever since dad passed, I started having a lot of body pains( to the point I can barely walk) anxieties, panic attacks, heart palpitations, depression( which I’m better now this yr) and after going to multiple doctors, neurologist, cardiologist, and a rheumatologist, I was diagnosed w fibromyalgia. The Dr's think the trauma of seeing my Dad passing away affected me tremendously. Which it did. But now it’s been 1 year since all happened and even though I’m getting better, I’m still dealing with alot of pain and anxiety attacks. Please pray God heals me completely. This is hurting me emotionally, physically and spiritually so much. Please pray for the Lord to heal those legs pain, numbness in my arms every night, anxiety. I want my life again to be strong and healthy to take care of my Kids and husband.

Please pray for a Christian woman who is suffering abuse. Please pray for the Lord's provision and guidance. Pray for protection and deliverance from all harm. Thank you!

For my mother Lawritha to get the job she’s been praying for and working towards for the past 2 years. Also for me to pass my LSATs in July, by the grace of God!

My family is financially unstable.. but it's gotten worse. I'm currently attending Word of Life Bible Institute thanks to my church helping me out but because my mom's health has gotten worse I'm not sure what to do. So I ask prayer for guidance and for my families situation to get better, because I don't know whether I should do second year or stay home and help.

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