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"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

The family that prays together, stays together! As Christians, we are part of the family of God! We want to pray with each other, for each other. Please post your prayer requests here and know that you are being prayed for.

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I 've had some financial setbacks and my mortgage is two months past due. I am unable to borrow on my retirement account until March 2019. I have no family to help.

Prayer Request for my husband for lack of interest in important issues. Also, financial prayer and for my health. I know God's in control and I leave it all in His powerful hands!

Please I’m desperately asking for prayers for me. Pray God heals me from all panic attacks, anxiety, and physical pains I’m having ever since losing my dad 6 months ago. I want my health back to take care of my kids and live a healthy happy life. Pray God give me the peace and healing.

Please pray for my wife. She has been going through a tough time sonce her father passed away six months ago. On top of that her mom fell down the stairs at our house 2 weeks ago and she had to be the main caregiver for her through this time. Issues with siblings have not made it easier. All this has affected her health and she has gone to many doctors and specialists. Please pray so God can give her piece and restore her health amidst this time.

Please pray for my Uncle Roy to be healed he is very sick. Please and thank you.

Please pray for me and my family as I am struggling to meet my bills. I lost my job after 36 years. I took a lower paying job because it is the first offer and it's night shift. This is very hard, please pray for new job where I am to make my bills. Pray for a new place to live; more affordable and closer to the girls' school. This could make my life less stressful. It's seem I can't catch a break. I am putting into your hands Lord. Amen

PLEASE pray for healing for my wife Connie who has been suffering with anxiety, worry, fear, for over ten years ... ... due to Lyme disease (and being over medicated), and, she lost vision in one eye over a year ago, and we both have a mouthful of broken teeth ...(fortunately no pain) … and no $ to do anything. We recently moved from NJ to NY ... lower taxes, smaller mortgage, .. but we are so so far (3.5 hrs) from family and friends ... Please pray that our children and their families and our friends and their families and our relatives will come often and regularly to help, to have fun, and, to "Be" . We feel so so alone and so isolated, we need them in our lives. We would so so much like to be back in our old home in Sunrise Lake PA. Please pray for this … it is two hours closer to our children, Please please pray for our finances ... it is still extremely difficult just trying to make ends meet even here. We only have S.S. to live on ... retired to care for and be with my wife. And, help for our vehicles .. they are just limping along, no longer running needing lots of repairs. And, please pray for me for healing, both physically and emotionally, the constant unending worry and stress … about Connie and our situation …. Thank you! Heavenly Father, Jesus, Connie and I thank You for all the times you have forgiven us when we have messed up. We thank You for joining us together and for making us one for You. We thank You for the special love that You have given us to share. May our love for you grow and grow and through Your Love may our love for one another blossom and bloom and spread Your Love through all our families and friends and all those you send us. Jesus, please walk with us, be in us, be us, help and guide us and lift us up, always. Jesus, we thank You for all the help that you send our way. Thank you.

My friend Mike, I've noticed his anger has been getting worse and worse, to the point where it worries me. My friend had to break up with him because he was becoming dangerous to her kid. But good news, my friend told me now that they broke up, they are still friends and no more fighting. I believe this is God healing them. Please, pray for my friend Mike ... Thank God he's calm now but I pray God heals his heart and calms his mind of all that stresses him or angers him. It upsets me to see him in such undealt stress and anger ... I see how it changes him and how he reacts. He's a good man with bad sin.

We've done everything in our power to make ends meet. I have a aorta aneurysm, congestive heart failure, diabetes(from illness),fibromyalgia and 2 yrs ago a heart valve infection, stroke, open heart, 2 eviction proceedings that we won because wrongful eviction. Its vicious cycle. Bills in NJ are too high. I'm on SS, I receive $530 a month. I just turned the water bill on in my name, I am grateful they worked a plan with me. Electric is our problem now. The guy who lived here before me never cancelled electric so we couldn't put in our name. One year ago I tried change it since then the electric was on so I figured like my last home it was included in rent. It was on until last month. They never turned off. They never sent bills. They never sent shut off notice, and now there is a big mess that we have to deal with and a large bill. I beat 2 evictions. By the grace of God he restored my health and our financial abilities on some levels. I need a prayer for protection for somehow electric being turned back on. It's getting cold. We are not in dark, God blessed us with converters from Walmart, a car battery and a smart man in our life. He has our room lights working and our outlets to charge cells only. We cook on grill or moms. I hate failing my daughter. It's most awful feeling when she complains this is torture. In a way it is. Please pray for my family. Please.

Please pray that I find a job I been searching and filling applications and nothing. I loss my job after 36 years. I need to find a job to take care of my family.

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