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"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

The family that prays together, stays together! As Christians, we are part of the family of God! We want to pray with each other, for each other. Please post your prayer requests here and know that you are being prayed for.

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Prayer Requests

My name is Katie and I have been in the hospital for two weeks with Lyme carditis from a tick bite which means I have second degree heart block which causes a very low heart rate. I was scheduled to have a pacemaker put in tomorrow but when the electrophysiologists saw me today for console he decided that I should be on Prednisone along with antibiotics. Please pray that the prednisone along with God's healing takes away the heart block and I do not have to have a pacemaker and can go home. Please pray for me and God bless everybody in Jesus name. Amén. God bless!

I pray for the soul of Roger, his family members, his love ones, being the victims of domestic violence. Help me pray that they may find eternal rest in the loving arms of Jesus. I pray for the soul of Michael Mercado. May Michael be with his love ones and with Joy Ane in eternal rest. Amen.

Dear God please help my mother feel better soon. She’s been having problems with stones in her pancreas and had a procedure to remove them but they needed to put in a stent to drain them so please God help this work for her! And help her feel better soon!

Dear God I am praying for myself. Please help everything with my health be ok. I just have not felt like myself lately and I’m worrying that something maybe wrong. I feel like I am having trouble breathing so please God make it all ok... I just want to feel normal again!! Please help me be healthy God!!! And please God help me with my allergies and my itchiness...I don’t want to keep taking that Zantac pill so please help the itching stop! And please help me sleep through the night...I have not gotten a good night sleep in such a long time and I really need it...please God help me! Also please help Eric and I get through this difficult time with out getting so angry at each’s so hard right now because we keep yelling at each other. And we need each other to get through this hard time with what we are going through with our pups! Please help us heal over the loss of our baby pup Sassie...please God help us support each other!

Dear God please welcome my furbaby girl Sassie up to heaven. She lost the battle to her chronic kidney disease. She was suffering so much this past few days. For some reason my prayers to help her get better were not answered and you felt it was her time to leave us. So please welcome my baby to heaven! And Dad please love her and keep her safe with you!

Please pray that I can have peace while going through divorce that my estranged husband is asking for. He abandoned me and moved to Florida last September with no regard for any of his financial responsibilities or for the marriage vows we took. I know divorcing is not the way the Lord intended but this man has left me before and I’ve taken him back only to have the same pain and end results all over. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

In extreme need of a full - time permanent position. Currently working as a temp in NYC full-time but not permanent. I was downsized in my position at my former company in 2016 after 30 years. It has been very challenging since then working in temporary positions and seeking full time employment.

Please pray for my dear friend who is struggling to overcome alcoholism and some other pressing and serious problems. She needs Jesus. Please pray for me, too, because this situation is heavy on my heart. Pls pray that I would find my missing credit card and several items of great sentimental value. Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray for Hope, Stephen, Andrea and Daniel to turn away from alcohol and drugs and to The Risen King! Please pray that God open their spiritual eyes to see the joy that only comes from Jesus. Please pray for Christian people they never met to come to minister to each of them. God is able! Please pray my grandchildren, London and Aziza, open their hearts to God at a young age and never walk away. Please pray protection against unbelief. Please also pray for Daniel as he visits his dad and his wife. Please pray a protection around Daniel to hate the sin and still love them. Please pray against this evil spirit of deception in Jesus Name. That the angels of God will protect Daniel. Please pray I continue to forgive and know God is stronger than any deception. Only by prayer and supplication I bring this before The Mighty Lord Who loves my sons and daughter more than I do! Thank The Lord for the answer! Thank you all so much to pray with me.

Praying for God's guidance for Beth and Rick and that they can receive a quick reply from a previous manager, based on God's inspiration, so they are able to move forward in purchasing a new home, in a new community that is best suited for their retirement years. Pray for their health, protection and faith in trusting God to continue to guide and provide for them and their family. Thank you for your prayers.

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