StarLit Book club

3 Reasons To Become A StarLit Society Book Club Member

It's healthy! Reading is mental exercising!

Studies show it can slow the progress of Alzheimer's.

It makes you smarter!

Reading expands your vocabulary, improves your communication skills and gives your analytical skills a boost.

It's a stress reliever!

Reading is a great way to hit the pause button and relax!

Well, let's get healthier, smarter & less stressed together!

Star 99.1's Morning Show host, Mysti Jordan, loves to read and has a personal goal of finishing 20 books this year and she wants you to join her!  Participating in the StarLit Society Book Club will provide the necessary motivation and accountability needed for everyone to set and reach their reading goals.

Each month, Mysti will select a book based on member submissions. Our hope is, at the end of the month, all participating members will join us for an in-person, informal discussion about their experiences with the book.

So if the idea of starting a new adventure, exploring a new place, walking in someone else's shoes or meeting new people sounds fun, join us!  

For all details on book selection, meet up info and to talk about this month's book, visit Mysti's FB page at:

Special thanks to our sponsor Jesus Book & Gift!

Now that we're friends, stay connected