Planned Giving To Leave A Legacy

Star has become part of your life: God has used the music to draw you closer to Him. And now you'd like to make Star a part of your legacy. Through The Star Endowment Fund, caring partners like you can leave the legacy of inspiring, powerful music to the next generation. Your planned giving can help keep Star going for decades to come. We invite you to prayerfully consider what God would have you do as you seek to honor Him by stewarding the resources He has put in your care.

Your Will: The simplest way to leave a legacy that includes your support for Star is to remember us in your will. Please refer to us as:

"The Star Endowment Fund"
PO Box 9058
Zarephath, NJ 08890

Life insurance can fund your legacy. Even a small term policy can leave thousands of dollars at your passing to keep Star going for many years to come. Name The Star Endowment Fund as your beneficiary and fund your policy through monthly premium payments or a single payment.

Charitable Gift Annuities can provide those who currently have investment income an avenue to benefit Star. They can provide interest income for you today at above market rates, as well as a large sum to Star as your legacy.

Real estate including homes, single family dwellings, condominiums and vacation properties, can be gifted. Often, they can be left in use today and given later as part of an estate plan.

IRA funds aren't always "tax friendly" when left to heirs. Making The Star Endowment Fund a beneficiary of your plan can be more cost effective to your estate.

Gifts of stocks, bonds and securities can build your estate plan. Tax consequences can be severe when you pass along stock or other assets you have held for a long time. But including gifts of transferable securities can offset estate taxes and provide other benefits.

Hopefully we've been able to answer some of your basic questions here, but the more you know about planned giving, the more it can benefit you. For more information, please contact General Manager Scott Taylor at (732) 469-0991.

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