10 Simple Steps to Bring Love & Unity to Your Community

From the We Are 1 Movement

  1. Be a giver. Give your time, talent, and treasure
  2. Don't ask "how did you get there?"; ask "how can I help?"
  3. Encourage one another
  4. Trust where God is leading you
  5. Break barriers
  6. Talk people up
  7. Accept people
  8. Wear love everywhere you go
  9. Forgive those who hurt you. Love your enemies
  10. Listen to understand, not reply

B. Haley, drummer for TobyMac's DiverseCity band, has had a vision for our world to live united and come together! That vision birthed the We Are 1 Movement, which includes speaking engagements to share the message of Jesus and unity, and fashion apparel that allows us to give generously to those in need. B. Haley believes that we exist to LOVE and to make an eternal difference by spreading We Are 1. 



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